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Most popular pet names

I don’t know about you, but when I get a pet I usually agonize over the choice of a name.  I want it to be just perfect.  It has to “fit” and capture the dog’s (or cat’s or horse’s, or whatver’s) personality.  And they have to seem to like it.  I admit that I usually come up with fairly ordinary names — Taylor, Pearl, Beau and Billie (Blue is the oddball).  But I really put a lot of thought into them.


Maybe that’s why I’m always sucked into reading these lists of most popular pet names. has come out with their list of the most popular and the most unusual pet names of 2008.


Here’s the list of Top Ten Most Popular Dog Names (based on dogs on their adoption site):


Top 10 Most Popular Dog Name

1. Buddy (805)

2. Max (620)

3. Daisy (588)

4. Jack (520)

5. Lucy (496)

6. Molly (476)

7. Charlie (431)

8. Sadie (415)

9. Jake (407)

10. Lucky (405)


I’m kind of partial to Lucy, myself.  I’ve thought if I have another female dog I might call her Lucy.  But Daisy is cute, too.


They also have a list of the Ten Most Unusual Names that have been on their web site this year:


Top 10 Most Unusual Names

1. Woe Izmee

2. Gwyneth Poultry (a duck)

3. SoSueMe

4. 54cent Swee’T

5. Iamaredneckwoman

6. Angry Chef Soup

7. Ms. Cornflake Especially

8. Bon Jo Flea

9. McLovin

10. Joe the Plumber


LOL  You can’t help laughing at some of them.  But they say that giving a cat or dog an unusual name on the web site helps get them adopted.  People are more likely to click on “Joe the Plumber” than “Buck.”


The site also lists the most popular cat names this past year, along with “group” names — litters of kittens and puppies who needed to be adopted.  People were very creative with the group names.


Top 10 Most Unusual Group Names

1. Domino, Ditto, Etcetera, And-so-on and An-so-forth

2. Ebay, Google, Yahoo and Spam

3. Felony, Warrant and Trespass (in honor of the police department, which supervises the shelter)

4. The Xerox puppies

5. Chiclit, TicTac, Extra, Wrigley and BigRed

6. Elbow-Toe and Neck Face

7. Sara, Andi and Patti (“Serendipity”)

8. Footloose and Fancy Free

9. Noodle, Macaroni and Spaghetti

10. Barney Miller, Nicole Miller and Sienna Miller


If you’re not familiar with it’s a good place to go if you’re looking to adopt a pet.  They feature pictures of cats and dogs (and other animals) from all over the country.  They work with lots of different shelters.  You may see a cat or dog who catches your fancy.  It’s also a vital place to visit if your pet should ever become lost.  Many times people who find animals wandering will post their information on PetFinder, as will people who have lost pets.


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