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Vet Visits

All of my dogs are now up-to-date on their shots. Blue already had his and I took the other four to the vet this week. Yes, it was expensive, but it had to be done. I am happy to say that they all passed with flying colors. No worms, no heartworms, no bad things. Except Taylor has a bad tooth. He has to go back soon and have it removed. That’s going to be something to worry about. Taylor is 12 years old and I worry about a 12-year-old dog having surgery and getting anesthesia. But the tooth is abscessed and probably causing him pain, so it needs to come out.

I like my vets. They’re a husband and wife team and they have a little boy, probably 3-4 years old with white-blond hair, who is usually running around in back. He’s very cute. Sometimes he comes in to pet the dogs.

I’ve only been going to these vets for about a year. I was using another vet before that when, right in the middle of treating one of my dogs for a tumor (she has since died), he up and left. Between appointments. One week he was there, the next he was gone. It was strange. So, I’m still getting to know these vets. I feel like they’re getting to know me, too. I think they like me, but they seem suspicious of me because I breed dogs. I think it’s odd that they ask me about every female dog whether or not she’s been bred. I have a three-year-old girl and a 19-month-old girl. Nope, not bred either one. But they act like they suspect me of having a litter a month. In fact, I went nine years between litters. I breed dogs for ME. I can only keep so many dogs so I can’t breed very often.

I have always loved dogs, horses, all animals. I wish I had the land and the money to be able to breed horses. But I have settled for dogs instead. I’ve always thought it was exciting to not just breed a litter of puppies, but to do all the planning for it — to study pedigrees, to carefully choose the parents and try to improve the next generation. And, even though there is so much work involved, I love nurturing and raising a litter of puppies. Until you have raised a litter of 9, 10 or 12 big puppies in your house, you don’t know what work is! They’re like a herd galloping around. With teeth. LOL It’s so sad when they start leaving to go to their new homes. But I have always kept one or two for myself. That’s why I can’t breed very often. It doesn’t take long to have a house full of dogs when you do that.

I know many people prefer to adopt dogs now or go to rescue. That’s great. I used to help rescue. I did it for years until I took in a rescue dog who attacked my own dogs and tried to bite a child. I decided I couldn’t risk it anymore after that. Adoption and rescue help many dogs and they’re a great pet solution for many people. I just wish there weren’t so many people who seem to want to stop all dog breeding. People have been purposely breeding dogs for thousands of years. We wouldn’t have most of the breeds we have today without people who dedicated themselves to developing and breeding dogs. There are thousands of wonderful dog breeders in this country who live and die for their dogs. No one should be forced to adopt a dog when they want to go to a breeder, or vice versa. We should certainly have choices about something as personal as choosing what kind of dog we want.

I’ve had Setters since 1974. As much as I love dogs in general, there’s really no other dog for me. There never has been. When I was five years old I saw a picture of a Setter in a coloring book and that was it. It was love on the spot. I’ve been hooked ever since. Isn’t it funny how something so unexpected can change our lives? How could I know I would grow up to devote my life to them?

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