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Take care on New Year’s Eve

I am sick as a dog (pardon the pun) right now.  My significant other and I took a little vacation a few days ago and I think we both picked up every bug floating around the airport.  Fortunately we didn’t have any other problems flying — though I could write pages about how much I hate airports these days.  At any rate, I’ve been mostly bed-ridden for the last couple of days.  I’ll spare you all the gory details.



The dogs have been enjoying this time after Christmas.  They got some new toys, which they have already shredded, eaten and otherwise destroyed.  I wonder why I bother to get them anything nice but they do enjoy the toys for the short time they last.  After that they decorate the backyard with stuffing until I pick it all up.  Some of the toys can be salvaged so I’ll see what I can do when I’m up and about again.  It’s partly my fault because I continually buy them “cute” toys when I should be buying them the toughest toys made.  The trouble is that my dogs won’t play with the really tough toys.  If I get them an indestructible ball or a hard frisbee they ignore it.  They’re not real big fans of things like Kongs either.  They won’t chew on them.  If I fill them with treats and throw them over and over they show some interest, but my dogs aren’t big on fetching either.  LOL  In fact, my dogs are kind of lazy when it comes to playing with me.  I’ve tried to teach them to fetch a stick and things like that and they just aren’t interested.  I throw the stick, they go get it and they run off with it.  LOL  They never bring it back to me.  They just take it somewhere and drop it, then go find something more interesting to do.


I know that other dogs really get into playing fetch.  I fostered a Golden Retriever-Irish Setter mix rescue dog one time and I swear he had obsessive compulsive disorder about playing fetch.  I threw a ball for him once and for the next three days all he did was bring me the ball to throw for him.  My arm was ready to fall off.  He couldn’t get enough of it.  By the time he left my house I was hiding the ball.  My dogs were looking at him like he was some kind of freak.  They weren’t interested in playing his fetch game at all.


What my dogs enjoy best is simply chasing each other.  Since I have three dogs that are three years old and under they have a lot of energy and every morning they chase each other all around the backyard for about an hour.  I love it.  I love seeing them burn off so much energy.  Otherwise they’d be destroying my house.  But the great thing is that my two old dogs get into it, too.  They lope along with the young dogs, barking at them and playing.  It’s great to see them all playing together.



Doggy New Year's Eve.  Flickr

Doggy New Year's Eve. Flickr

My dogs are all inside tonight, of course.  Not only is it cold outside but it’s New Year’s Eve.  That means that there may be fireworks shows in some places.  And some people even shoot off guns and fireworks at their houses.  There may be concerts or loud music playing in some neighborhoods.  You know your area best.  If you anticipate fireworks or loud noise in your neighborhood make plans for your dog.  Many dogs are upset by loud noise.  Dogs have sensitive hearing and booming noises can be very frightening to them.  Every year during firework shows many dogs become frantic to escape from their yards to get away from the noise.  Many dogs end up missing and lost.  It’s best to keep your dog securely indoors where he won’t be exposed to the direct noise.  You can help drown out the loud booms with your own soft music or with the television.  And herbal medicine like Bach’s Rescue Remedy helps some dogs relax.



I hope everyone has a happy and prosperous New Year.  Back to bed for me!


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  1. What a wonderful site, and Two Paws Up for your outstanding collars! We are 2 Maltese dogs and we love all the joy in your site. Stop by and visit us too — we would love to hear from one of your pets on our Dog Blog (for animals only, no humans allowed!). We’re sure our readers would enjoy hearing about you!

    Love, your PaLs, LuLu and LoLLy!

    Comment by luluandlolly | January 2, 2009 | Reply

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