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Non-Football TV

This is a great time of year if you love football.  And I do like football.  Two of my favorite teams are in the playoffs.  That would be the Vikings (for reasons too far back to explain) and the Titans (because, yes, I live in Tennessee).  The dogs and I had fun watching the Wild Card games yesterday.  We didn’t really have a preference about who won but the games were good, especially the Colts-Chargers game.  I have to say that no matter how long it’s been since Peyton Manning left Tennessee he is still considered a local boy here because he played at UT.  You can go in restaurants around Knoxville and find his autographed picture everywhere.  His framed jersey is still everywhere.  Giant paintings of him (looking very noble) watch you eat.  LOL  So it’s hard to think of him as being with a non-Tennessee team even after all this time.  Fortunately this Peyton Manning cult hasn’t stopped people from supporting the Titans.




Puppy in the uterus.  National Geographic Channel.

Puppy in the uterus. National Geographic Channel.

However, I recognize the fact that not everyone likes football.  If you’re in the mood for some non-football TV this evening the National Geographic Channel has an interesting program lined up.  It’s called “In The Womb:  Dogs.”  The show is one of a series that NGC has been showing on animals (and humans) in the womb and how embryos and fetuses develop.  I saw a previous show on the development of mammals which included a puppy and it was fascinating.



“In The Womb:  Dogs”  uses state-of-the-art visual effects and real-time 4-D ultrasound imagery to follow the fetal development of one wolf and three different dog breeds.  According to one person who’s seen an advanced viewing of the show you’re able to see that our dogs are not so very different from their wolf ancestors.


The show lets us see how the puppy develops from a single cell to a complex, self-sustaining organism — an incredible transformation before it even takes its first breath.  NGC says that the show features ground-breaking photography, computer graphics, and 4-D imaging.


The show is scheduled to air tonight at 8 pm on the National Geographic Channel.  That’s cable so check your local listings for channel and time where you live.  As an added bonus, the show will be followed by a companion show called “In The Womb:  Cats,” in case you would like to see how kittens develop.  Lots of people love kittens as much as they love puppies and that should could be just as interesting.


And, in case you’re interested, “The Science of Dogs” is on NGC at 7 pm.  This show discusses how dog breeds have been developed over the centuries.  It’s an interesting show that’s been on before.  You can have an entire evening of animal television.  Since the 4:30 ET football game should be going off around that time you may not have to choose between animal programming and football, but if you do you could record one.  These should be good programs.


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