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Things to think about

Good morning and welcome to WaterWorld.  It is still raining where I live.  I think it’s been raining for a solid week.  We’ve had a couple of years of drought here so I hate to complain about rain but, seriously, it’s getting a little old.  My floors are literally covered with mud.  When you have five dogs who can go in and out whenever they want it’s hard to keep the house remotely clean under these conditions.  I’ve given up trying to keep the floors cleaned for now and I’m focusing on washing clothes and bedding everyday because the dogs — I really love them — go out and play in the mud and then they run straight for me or hop up on the bed.  They think this is great.  I keep planning to give baths but then I think, “What’s the point?”  I wanted to wait until the rain stopped before I gave baths or else I’ll just have to give more baths.  The whole situation makes me feel kind of helpless.  I don’t know when the rain is supposed to stop.




Looking for building supplies?  Flickr

Looking for building supplies? Flickr

In other news, I saw something the other night that made me ponder.  My significant other person is fixing up his new place and his idea of a night out now consists of going to Lowe’s.  Yes, you could say it lacks romance.  Anyway, we were going into the store when we saw a woman going into Lowe’s carrying a little Chihuahua in her arms.  Into Lowe’s.  I thought that was odd.  We’re not talking about someone carrying a little dog into a clothing store in Beverly Hills.  We’re talking about someone taking a little dog into a building supply store in the middle of the country.  I’m not sure what I think about that.  Well, one thing I think is that it’s not fair I can’t take my big dogs places with me.  I know, definitely, that no store is going to let me bring in one of my 70-pound dogs.  Not unless it’s a pet supply store or a store with a very special policy about pets.  So, I guess I’m jealous that people can carry their toy dogs into stores.  But I’m also wondering if it’s a good idea in general.



Don’t get me wrong, please.  I love dogs.  I’m a huge animal lover.  And I know there are places where dogs are welcome.  There are restaurants in Florida that welcome pets.  Paris, France, allows dogs to mingle with diners.  Dogs wander freely in many places.  But, up until recently, you haven’t seen many dogs allowed in stores in the U.S.  I just wonder if it’s a good idea to have dogs in stores.  Not everyone is a dog lover and if you go into a store like Lowe’s to buy something maybe you don’t want to encounter dogs.  Maybe you have allergies.  Besides, not all dogs have good manners.  Maybe somebody gets bitten in a store and the next thing you know somebody is trying to get another ridiculous law passed because people didn’t use common sense.


Oh,well.  I’m probably making too much of it.


Another news item today comes from Riverside County in Southern California — where so much dog legislation seems to sprout.  (Just so you know, I hate dog legislation.)  There’s a new “anti-nuisance” ordinance in Riverside now that will fine the owners of barking dogs up to $500.  There are a lot of very unhappy dog owners in Riverside right now.  I believe they’ve been trying to fight this ordinance but without much success.


Personally, I am totally on the side of the dog owners.  If you have ever owned a dog I bet that dog has barked at some inconvenient time.  It’s easy to have a bad neighbor, even if your dog is innocent.  If your neighbor doesn’t like you for any reason they just have to report your dog and they can cause a lot of trouble for you.  Just try to prove that your dog wasn’t the one barking!  If you do have a dog who barks too much it can be one of the hardest things to stop.  Besides, these fines are way over the top.


3032567370_3e0ddd2ac3_mIt seems like it gets harder all the time to be a good pet owner, doesn’t it?  I think it’s because we keep raising expectations for how dogs should act.  Now dogs aren’t even supposed to bark.  When you think about it, we are trying to make them more and more “civilized” — more and more human.  And less and less like dogs.  This has probably happened because so many of us are more urban and “civilized” these days.  Most people don’t live in the country anymore.  They don’t see nature first hand or see how animals behave on their own.  We get “nature” from TV.  We get food from the grocery freezer.  We get pets from the shelter or from someone else who raised them.  We’re a couple of steps removed from the kind of life our grandparents and great-grandparents lived.  Life may be much better for pets in many ways, but they are also much more restricted in other ways.


Just some things to think about.


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  1. Just stumbled across your blog for the first time, and can’t resist commenting about the barking dog issue. I HATE barky dogs. I’m not talking about the occasional barking that’s at something specific and then stops when the stimulus goes away; I’m talking about the dog that barks for hours on end. I’ve lived in many neighborhoods that had such dogs, and they make me crazy.

    Now, I love dogs in general. I own three right now only because my fourth recently died. But I have some sympathy for the community that punishes the owner of a chronic barker. And since your previous two posts talked about the responsibilities of dog ownership and keeping our dogs under control so they aren’t disturbing the people around them, I’m a bit surprised you didn’t comment on that aspect of the issue.

    I agree that laws can be crude tools for addressing such issues. If people walked their dogs enough, gave them enough to do so that they aren’t just crazy from boredom, brought them in the house occasionally so they aren’t just left out in the back yard all alone all the time, spent some time training them, there wouldn’t be much of a problem with chronic barking. But all too many people don’t (that’s partly why the chronic barking drives my nuts–it’s what it tells me about the poor dog. But only partly.) So we get laws, which can be abused, but which also do offer a recourse to the people being kept awake for hours at night by a barking dog.

    Comment by addofio | January 13, 2009 | Reply

  2. Well, I think you’re right about the barking dogs. Non-stop barking is a problem. In my case I think I’m desensitized to it. I have five dogs of my own. My neighbor across the street has a kennel of hounds. (Oh, yeah! They bark!) And nearly everyone around me has a dog. We’re probably all deaf to each other’s dogs. I don’t tend to notice barking at all until it gets to be 11 pm, then I haul my dogs inside and shut the door.

    But I think some dogs bark in spite of having exercise, toys, people around them. I don’t think you can assume that they’re barking out of loneliness or boredom. I work at home all day, my dogs have lots of toys, yada yada. They play constantly. I still have one dog who absolutely would stay outside barking all night if I didn’t make her come inside. She wants to carry on a “conversation” with a dog two blocks away. She can go inside and out any time she wants the rest of the time so she’s not an outdoor dog. She’s just a loud mouth.

    I don’t know what the answer is. In my case I try to stay aware of my dogs’ barking and stop it. But it helps that I have neighbors who have dogs, too. I can see that there are tough conflicts when you have people with barking dogs living in neighborhoods that aren’t like mine. Chronic barking is one of the harder things to stop from a behavioral standpoint. Even bark collars are not always effective. That’s why I do have sympathy for the owners of barking dogs.

    Comment by eshever | January 13, 2009 | Reply

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