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AKC announces most popular dogs in U.S.

I just got this press release from the AKC and thought you might enjoy seeing the latest results for the most popular dog breeds in the country.



sm_labrador_retriever5AKC Celebrates 125th Anniversary with a Look Back at First AKC Registered Breeds in History — New York, NY – For the 18th consecutive year, the Labrador Retriever is the most popular purebred dog in America, according to 2008 registration statistics released today by the American Kennel Club® (AKC) But, while more than twice as many Labs were registered last year than any other breed making it a likely leader for many years to come, the Bulldog continues to amble its way up the list. The breed made news last year by returning to the AKC’s Top 10 for the first time in more than 70 years and now has jumped 6%, advancing two spots to land in 8th place.


“The playful Lab may still reign supreme, but the docile and adaptive nature of the Bulldog is gaining ground as a family favorite,” said AKC Spokesperson Lisa Peterson. “It’s no surprise to learn that this devoted family companion is still growing in popularity.”


2008 Most Popular Dogs in the U.S. 1. Labrador Retriever 2. Yorkshire Terrier 3. German Shepherd Dog 4. Golden Retriever 5. Beagle 6. Boxer 7. Dachshund 8. Bulldog 9. Poodle 10. Shih Tzu


125 YEARS OF HISTORY Like the Bulldog, the popularity of breeds ebbs and flows over time. The AKC is proud to be celebrating its 125th Anniversary during 2009. In 1884 at the time of the organization’s founding, AKC registered only nine breeds versus the 161 it recognizes today:


AKC Registered Breeds in 1884 Rank in 2008 Pointer 111 Chesapeake Bay Retriever 48 English Setter 86 Gordon Setter 92 Irish Setter 69 Clumber Spaniel 117 Cocker Spaniel* 21 Irish Water Spaniel 144 Sussex Spaniel 147 *In 1884 the English Cocker Spaniel and the Cocker Spaniel were registered as the same breed. They were separated in 1946. Today the English Cocker Spaniel is ranked 70th.


These original breeds are all current members of the Sporting Group — dogs bred to help man find and retrieve game. They all have innate instincts in the water, field and woods. While none of the original nine is anywhere near the AKC Top 10, the qualities that made them effective hunters — trainability and desire to please — make them ideal family dogs today.


“I think the comparison of our original nine to the current top 10 illustrates the different needs that dogs fill today,” said Peterson. “In the 1880’s most breeds served a specific purpose or function. Today dogs still serve man and in even more diverse roles — from guide dog to bomb detection K-9 – but most of all, dogs are now companions that ground us to nature in a busy and increasingly technological world.”


There’s much more to the press release.  They have also have information on the top ten breeds in the 50 largest cities in the U.S.  If you like statistics or knowing what breeds are popular, there’s lots of information for you, along with some bizarre little tidbits.

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