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Mandatory spaying and neutering

I hope you got to see the Super Bowl last night.  I thought it was a good game with a great finish.  I’m not saying who I wanted to win — I would be sure to offend half the readers!  I’m just really sad that football is over for the season.  My dogs like to watch the games with me, especially Boo Boo (Blue).  He jumps up and down and stands up to put his paws on my shoulders when I get excited, which can be often.  Pearl doesn’t really know what’s going on, but she wants in on the action, too.  Plus, they like it when I make popcorn to eat while we watch the games, too.  One person told me that popcorn wasn’t good for dogs but 50 people have told me they also give popcorn to their dogs with no problems.  I’ve never had any problems giving popcorn to dogs.  I think it’s fine until I hear some real veterinary reason why I shouldn’t do it.  I even know people who use popcorn as a training treat instead of more fattening rewards.




Many hunters strongly oppose mandatory spay/neuter laws.

Many hunters strongly oppose mandatory spay/neuter laws.

Here in my town/county we’re in the middle of a battle over pets.  What’s important to remember is that everyone on both sides loves animals.  Sometimes that fact can get lost.



Our city/county animal control commission has proposed a mandatory spay/neuter ordinance.  Now, we only have 60,000 people in our whole county.  Compared to other places our number of shelter animals and euthanasias is relatively low.  But the number has increased in the last year or two.  There’s a new rescue group in town and they have been pushing for this MSN (mandatory spay/neuter) ordinance as a solution.


Let me tell you, there is tremendous citizen opposition to this idea.  This is a rural area where many hunters live.  These hunters hunt things like bear, wild boar, and other animals that you absolutely need dogs to hunt.  They take good care of their dogs.  They are very responsible owners.  Their dogs may cost several thousand dollars and they take care of them.  And they don’t want them spayed and neutered, especially since they may plan to breed them.  It’s not a question of selling the puppies.  They are usually breeding for themselves and their friends.  But they do not want MSN.  They are absolutely opposed to the idea.


So, last week we had a meeting of the animal control committee.  The room was filled to overflowing with hunters and other people opposed to MSN.  It was a very intense meeting.  The chairman of the animal control committee hasn’t given up the idea of MSN yet but she does seem to be looking for alternatives now.


The thing that struck me about this meeting was something that the director of animal control said.  He’s the man who actually runs animal control and is in charge of picking up stray animals and putting animals to sleep.  He said that there hasn’t been any increase in the number of stray animals in the county.  The reason the number of euthanasias has increased is because the committee voted last year to allow people to turn their dogs in to animal control if they didn’t want to keep them.  I was absolutely amazed by that information.  You hear from some people that the problem is too many puppies being born, but that’s not the problem here.  The problem is more people not keeping their dogs.


Maybe people can’t keep their dogs because they are losing jobs or they’re losing their homes to foreclosure.  It’s a bad economy out there and people are hurting.  But people are turning in dogs to animal control.  That’s the problem.  Not the birthrate.  So, mandatory spaying and neutering is not going to change anything.  People will turn in a spayed or neutered dog just like they would an intact dog.  If people aren’t keeping their dogs it seems like the answer is to help them find ways to keep them — if they can’t afford dog food, try to find places that would donate dog food.  If landlords won’t let people have pets, try to negotiate with them, or help people come up with pet deposits.


There are a lot of things that communities can do to help people keep their pets.  But MSN won’t solve the problem of people getting rid of dogs they can’t keep anymore.


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