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Australian wildfire tragedy

Over the last several days we’ve been hearing from many people in Australia about the devastating wildfires in that country.  The wildfires currently racing throughout Australia have killed more than 180 people, burned 1,500 square miles of land, destroyed more than 1800 homes and left 5,000 people homeless.  Many more people are feared dead.  These firestorms, spurred on by record heat and drought and 60 mph winds are the deadliest-ever in Australian history.



dataMany dog fanciers and pet owners have lost everything in the blazes and are now left without their homes, kennels or the basic essentials needed for daily life.  Hundreds more people and pets throughout the country have been displaced.


An Irish Setter owner on a Setter e-mail list with me has been keeping us updated about the tragedy.  Her messages have told heartbreaking stories of people who have lost dogs, their homes, horses and other animals.  Some people she knows have even lost their lives.  Truly the worst part of the ordeal for Australians is the fact that many of the fires have been set by arsonists.


The American Kennel Club has made a donation to the Australian National Kennel Council to assist in their efforts to provide supplies and assistance to the Australian dog fanciers affected by the wildfires.


The Australian National Kennel Council has planned an International Virtual Dog Show to raise money for the wildfire victims.  Supporters can enter their dogs in a variety of categories, with all proceeds going to support the wildfire victims.


dogsvicTo enter the virtual show and for more information on the current situation and how you can help, click here.  The virtual show is open to everyone, especially to people who would like to enter dogs who have passed over the Rainbow Bridge.  Dogs from “mixed marriages” are welcome, as well as purebreds.  Entries close March 6 and are Aus$10 per dog.


You can contact DOGS Victoria to offer assistance at the DOGS Victoria Bushfire Appeal web site.  


According to one UK source, animal shelters are busy searching for the owners of hundreds of dogs, cats, horses, rabbits and other pets displaced by the fires.


Shelter workers fear many owners may have assumed their animals died or they could be looking for them in the wrong places. They are urging anyone who has lost a pet to register with their council. 


Bureau of Animal Welfare director Stephen Tate said being separated from pets was adding to the distress of bushfire victims. 


“These animals may have been found by bushfire response crews or members of the public,” Dr Tate said. “We urge people who have either lost or found an animal to contact their local council immediately.´´ 


Dr Tate said that with many fences burnt, livestock and horses might also be wandering the roads and on to neighbouring properties, and he urged anyone in affected areas to drive carefully.


They’re expecting a lot more animals, especially cats, to turn up in the next few days as the fires are put out and people are able to begin searching for their pets.


We hope they will all be reunited.


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