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Recovering missing pets

My apologies for being a little off schedule.  I had to go to the doctor yesterday but everything is back to normal now.



Did you see this wonderful story in the news last week?


Happy ending: Dog missing 9 years back home with family

6a00d83451c3cb69e20111689f4412970c-200wiPORT ST. LUCIE (AP) — A German shepherd named Astro who had been missing from his family for more than 9 years is finally home. The Geary family was shocked when they recently received a call from an animal-control officer who said Astro had been found. The dog went missing from the Geary family’s Florida home shortly after the family adopted him. Since then, they have moved three times and ended up in Louisville, Ky. On Jan. 29, an animal-control officer in Tennessee picked up Astro after receiving a report about a dog running loose. Officers tracked down the family through a microchip implanted in the canine. Dennis Geary says he wasn’t sure if Astro would remember him. But when they were reunited, the dog sat down and began licking him.


Don’t you wish that dog could tell the story of where he’s been all these years and what happened to him?


I love stories about animals being reunited with their families.  I’m a complete sucker for these happy ending stories.  All my life I have been a fan of stories like this, since my teacher read us The Incredible Journey in the 4th grade.  (You know the story:  where three pets — a Labrador Retriever, an English Bull Terrier and a Siamese Cat try to find their home three hundred miles away.)


I think we may hear of pets being reunited with families a little more often now because of improved methods of identification.  It’s still easy to remove a pet’s collar or for ID to become lost, but many people tattoo their pets or use microchips now.  In Canada breeders must provide puppies with some form of permanent identification (either tattoos or microchips) in order to register them with the Canadian Kennel Club.  We don’t do that in the United States right now but there are registries for breeders and owners so they can voluntarily register their puppies and dogs with permanent ID.  This means that if a registered pet is picked up as a stray at any time in its life it can be identified and the owner or breeder can be contacted.  Cats, horses and other animals can also be registered with permanent identification.


There are still a few kinks in the system.  If you use tattoos you need to use a number or some kind of registration system that someone who finds your pet will recognize.  Telephone numbers can change as can addresses.  If you use a microchip you can still have problems.  There are at least two competing microchip companies in the U.S. — AVID and Home Again.  There is some debate about whether scanners are actually universal — whether an AVID scanner will read both chips, and vice versa.  Sometimes scanners fail to find chips even when they’re present.  Chips can also “migrate.”  That is, they may move around a little from the place in the shoulder where they’re implanted.  This can make them harder to find when someone waves the scanner wand over an animal.


Even with these problems which can occur, if your dog (or cat) is missing, you are much more likely to get him back if he has some kind of permanent identification.  If you want to have your pet microchipped your vet can do this service for you.  It usually costs about $25-30 plus a small registration fee with the chip company.


One of the most popular and successful registries in the country is the Companion Animal Recovery registry.  They have helped people recover over 340,000 missing animals.  You can find more information about registering and recovering a lost pet there.


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