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Australian wildfires; Crufts

Here’s a further update on the terrible wildfires in Victoria, Australia:


So many people were sending zen and praying for the victims of our recent fires, I thought I’d let you know how the situation is being reported now.

Today in the newspaper they gave a final tally of 210 lives lost, with properties destroyed totalling 2029 – affecting 78 townships. More than 400,000 hectares of land has been burnt.

Yesterday we had a change in the weather conditions which has helped in the controlling of the ongoing fires.   Direct quote from today’s paper:

“The worse of Victoria’s catastrophic bushfire season is over, authorites say.  Rain across the state has brought an unofficial end to a ruthless summer. Many residents forced to flee are now safe to return home. About 1000 interstate firefighters are going home.  So too, are 121 from New Zealand, Canada and the US.  150 NSW police went homeyesterday, while 50 from South Australia arrived to reinforce local numbers.”

This is wonderful news – now the grieving and the rebuilding of people’s lives can begin.  However, there are restrictions on access to some fire devasted areas as forensic teams still attempt to identify human remains.

Once again thank you for sharing our tragedy – and a big thank you to those who entered the International Virtual Dog Show (entries close 6 March) from which the proceeds will assist the people directly affected by the fires.

Gail Cleland

Melbourne, Australia


Gail also sends this report from a friend of hers who is the president of the Golden Retriever Club in Australia:   


Subject:        RE: [OzShow] Bush Fire Relief Update


There is a huge number of people working behind the scenes everywhere, collecting, sorting, packing, taking calls and delivering goods etc, so well done.


The DOGS Vic office has done a tremendous job in juggling the urgency of the relief work and continuing with the day to day dog business. Their understanding and ability to support all the volunteers is fantastic.


Pet food companies and others is just great. In trying to repay the major pet suppliers that are supporting us for the long term and not just a few weeks, I ask that you support them in buying their products. I can’t say enough about Nestle Purina Petcare and they are going well beyond the call of duty, very proud to be associated with them.


Within the next week we will have a list of direct outlets located in strategic fire affected areas with contact no’s etc and all are welcome to collect their needs whenever required. Supplies are available to ALL affected pet owners as we do not discriminate.


The best place to find all these details will be the DOGS Vic web as this is their show with your support. I will have an update Monday night next week on how people are travelling with items and if anything in particular is running in short supply.


Our shipping container will be delivered by lunchtime Monday and hopefully will resemble a fully stocked outlet by the end of the day. This location will supply others until we assess further requirements in other areas.


Let’s not forget the Gippsland area which seems to have slipped under the radar and we are already planning to support them long term. Other areas which we are working on are Bendigo, Horsham and Beechworth.



Shane Addison



Dogs Vic is DOGS Victoria — a dog organization in Victoria, Australia that has stepped up to help coordinate assistance for dog owners and people who need help because of the fires.


Thanks to everyone who has helped.



2008 Crufts Best In Show winner, Giant Schnauzer Phillip.

2008 Crufts Best In Show winner, Giant Schnauzer Phillip.

In more international news, the Crufts dog show is underway in England.  The show is being streamed live, online for the first time this year, which is really very cool.  You can see more dogs doing more things than ever before.  The catch is that you have to get up very early to see it.  Judging starts at 8:30 am Greenwich time in Britain so that makes it about 3:30 am for those of us in the Eastern time zone in the U.S.  But it’s well worth it if you want to see your favorite dogs.  There are also loads of Crufts videos on YouTube.



There’s more to see than just conformation judging.  Crufts also has just about every other kind of dog activity you can imagine going on including agility, obedience, canine freestyle (dancing dogs!) and more.  Afterall, there are about 28,000 dogs there over the four days.


Judging continues through Sunday when they will (finally) choose their Best In Show winner.


For North Americans, you’ll be pleased to know that in Terrier judging the Sealyham and the Scottie were 1-2 in the Terrier group yesterday.


Saturday’s judging includes the Gundogs (Sporting); and Sunday will have the Working and Pastoral (Herding) groups, as well as the big finale.

So, enjoy Crufts.  They call it the biggest or best show in the world.  Well, the World Show may be bigger.  And Westminster may be better.  But it’s still very good.


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