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Beware of…falling over your dog?

I saw an unusual news item today:  Pet lovers beware:  cats, dogs are tripping hazards.  Well, I knew that.  I fell over one of my dogs last year when I was getting out of bed and put my arm through my bedroom window.  Oh!  The blood!  Just the other night I got up in the middle of the night and tripped over Beau because he was sleeping in a place where none of the dogs ever sleep.  I went crashing to the floor.  My knees are still hurting.  I just had no idea that tripping over your pets was such a serious problem for other people, too.



This crafty dog is clearly waiting to trip some unsuspecting owner.

This crafty dog is clearly waiting to trip some unsuspecting owner.





According to this news story roughly 240 Americans end up in the ER every day for sprains, fractures or other injuries from falls caused by a dog or cat.  Researchers at the U.S. Centers for Disease Control (who did the research) said that cats and dogs account for 88 percent of all the fall-related injuries in emergency rooms.  Can you believe that?  88 percent!  That’s from five years’ worth of data on injuries from a national sampling of hospitals in the U.S.


Dogs and cats cause an estimated 86,600 falls per year, according to this CDC study.


Tripping seems to be the biggest risk. About 31 percent of dog-related and 66 percent of cat-related injuries were caused by tripping. Another 21 percent of dog-related injuries occurred when people fell after being pushed or pulled by dogs.


The CDC said pet owners need to be aware that their furry friends can cause accidents. They recommended pet obedience training to reduce fall-related injuries.


To top it all off, women are about 2.1 times as likely to have a pet-related fall as men.


Who knew that having pets could be so dangerous?


You want to know what’s really embarrassing?  When your dog gives you a black eye.  Have you ever been petting or brushing your dog and all of a sudden he throws his big head up right in your face?  I have had a bloody lip, what felt like a broken nose, and, yes, even a black eye (at different times) before because my dog tossed his bony head up into my face when I was leaning over close to him or her.  I know a couple of people who have gone to the ER when their dog gave them black eyes and they said no one believed them when they told the doctors the dog did it.  The doctors and nurses treated them like they were the victims of spousal abuse, which is kind of (but not really) funny.


With five big dogs I have scratches and bruises all the time, especially since Pearl is a jumper.  She wants to jump up on me every time I come in a room.  Even with keeping her nails cut short I get scratched and she can bump me in the face.  She’s not as bad as she used to be.  I have preached at her enough about jumping and keeping all four paws on the ground so she’s finally (now that she’s almost two years old) starting to act a little more mature.  But I still can’t go a week without some bruises.


I think this is the part of dog ownership nobody tells you about.  When you think about getting a dog nobody warns you that you can end up in the ER because your dog is going to trip you or give you a black eye.  It makes you wonder just who’s in charge of your relationship, doesn’t it?


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