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In praise of big dogs

I just read an interesting story on one of my dog e-mail lists.  Due to the flooding up in North Dakota some of the animal shelters there are getting dogs that they never usually get.  People are turning in young purebred dogs because they’ve lost their homes to the floods.  What’s more, when news of this spread, people started calling from hundreds of miles away for a chance to get these dogs.  There were dogs like Longhaired Dachshunds, Beagles and Chihuahuas in one shelter and people drove hundreds of miles to adopt them.  These were purebred dogs from good breeders but with their owners in dire straits they needed a new home.


Who doesn't love a Labrador Retriever?

Who doesn't love a Labrador Retriever?

Unfortunately, there were still purebred Labrador Retrievers sitting in the shelter that no one adopted.



All of this got me thinking about big dogs in general.  It seems that people always want to adopt the cute, small dogs but larger dogs are often out of luck, even if they’re purebreds.  It’s true that it does cost more to feed a big dog.  Vet care for big dogs can cost more.  Everything from heartworm medicine to doggy clothing costs more for big dogs.


Retired Greyhounds make great house pets.

Retired Greyhounds make great house pets.

I know that with so many people living in cities and apartments now that small dogs often seem to be a more sensible choice but that’s not always the case.  Some small dogs can be extremely active and require a lot of exercise, while some big dogs are very happy to be couch potatoes.  Take retired Greyhounds for instance.  Although they enjoy a good run, when they live in your home they are one of the best house dogs.  They are calm, quiet and well-mannered, regardless of their size.  When you consider Labrador Retrievers, there really is no better family dog.  They also make a great dog for a single person.  They are loving and devoted.  They do need some exercise or they tend to get fat, but what they want most is to spend time with you.



I’m a big dog person myself.  I have always loved big dogs.  I like to wrestle and play with my dogs.  I woke up this morning and one of my dogs was gnawing on my arm, trying to get me to play with him.  We started wrestling and playing at 5 am.  I like to cuddle, too, and big dogs are also great cuddlers.


I grew up with horses and I loved to go out riding and have our Irish Setter go along with us.  It was great to be out in the woods with a big dog trotting along next to us or racing off to check out something in the bushes.  I think big dogs give me a feeling of safety that I don’t get with small dogs.


A really big dog.

A really big dog.

Small dogs are great, too, of course.  I have known some wonderful small dogs.  But I like the way a big dog walks along next to me like a partner.  I know we’re watching out for each other.  I take care of him and he takes care of me.



I guess whatever dog you have is the best dog for you.  To each his own.  For me, it’s the big dogs.  That’s why I have five of them.  And they’re all spoiled rotten.  🙂


If you live near the areas that have experienced flooding you may want to check with some local shelters to see if they have been receiving extra dogs for adoption.  Maybe consider adopting a big dog? Big dogs make great best friends.


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