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A dog show weekend

I had a great time this weekend with my dogs. We left Thursday on a short trip to Charlotte, NC. There were some dog shows there over the weekend and I got my lazy self in gear last week to groom Pearl and Blue properly so they would look nice for the shows. Now, I used to go to shows every weekend so I had my car packed with foldable crates, maps, an extra coffemaker, acidophilus tablets, etc., etc. But that was a long time ago. I don’t travel much anymore. That meant that I was running around like a chicken with no head last week making lists and trying to remember every little thing I needed to take with me. By the time I got to the show I was literally just throwing items in the trunk of the car and praying I could find them later. All pretense at organization was long gone.



I have always been sort of an unconventional dog show exhibitor. I don’t have a motorhome or a van. I go to shows in my car. My very old car at this point. Embarrassingly old. But, hey, it’s a luxury car, it had low miles when I bought it, and it has a great 3.5 liter engine. It still runs like a top even if it is looking a little old. So, I go to dog shows in it. This should help dispel the notion that all dog show people are rich, by the way. We’re not. We’re just people with dogs who like to show them.

I still had a lot of grooming to do once I got to the shows. Blue has more coat than any two dogs should have. I think he has Pearl’s coat, too, because she is coat-deficient. She had gorgeous long hair last year at this time but when the hot summer came she shed all of her beautiful long hair and it’s been very slow about growing back. I bathed them just before we left so they were clean but they still needed some more work.

I think Blue had stayed at a motel before when he was out in California with my friend for some shows but he acted like a total rube when we got in the room. This was Pearl’s first time in a motel. They were really kind of funny. They ran around the room checking things out but they were kind of cautious, too. They had to smell everything from the carpet to the TV. They were so weird about the bed. Here at home my bed is very high and I have to help them get up. The bed in the motel room was much lower. They could easily have jumped up by themselves but, because they were used to me helping them, they would come and stand by the bed and wait for me to help them get up. There was an ottoman in the room so I pulled it next to the bed for them. I thought they would hop up on it and use it as a step. I had to teach them how to use it! They still wanted me to help them get up. They were so funny and cute.

I thought that the elevator might scare them but they had no problem with it. They walked right in and rode up and down in it. It was kind of creaky and noisy. Otherwise I don’t think they would have realized we were moving. The only time we had a scare was when the door opened and a couple of women were standing in the doorway with a cart full of Chihuahuas barking at us. They also had a tiny Chihuahua puppy on a leash. Luckily I had a firm grip on my dogs’ leads. I felt them pull — they were a little too interested in the Chihuahua puppy. I’m not sure they knew it was a dog. The next day I went indoors at the show to get something to eat, with the dogs along with me. The Chihuahuas were being judged next to the snack bar so the dogs had a good view of the little dogs while I ate a sausage biscuit. They were still fascinated by the small dogs.

I had a great time seeing people I knew and talking to everybody. Blue and Pearl won their classes each time — but they were the only ones in their classes. 🙂 Unfortunately, they didn’t win any points at these shows. These were specialty shows so there was a very large entry. I’m afraid I was a little rusty in my grooming and showing. These were the first shows I’ve been to in about a year. I see a lot of room for improvement the next time I show them in a few weeks. I need to take off more of Blue’s coat. Maybe Pearl will have more of her long hair grown back by then.

I think the dogs had a great time. I know they like the new toys I bought them. As soon as we got to the show grounds I headed for one of the vendor’s tents and let the dogs pick out something. After that, every time we walked by they wanted to go back inside. LOL When I got up this morning Blue came into the bedroom carrying one of his new toys. Dogs are great, aren’t they?


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