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Dogswell helps dogs and people

I saw some economic figures a few days ago and, to my layman’s eye, it looked like the first quarter of 2009 was about the same as the end of 2008.  That’s bad news for pet owners and for pet product retailers.


The pet product industry was once thought to be “recession-proof” but the recent hits to the economy have suggested otherwise:


Bo Nelson, owner of, has been selling to upscale branded pet products pet stores for 15 years. “Over the past several months we have noticed more conservative buying patterns. Pet Boutiques are still purchasing clothing, jewelry and frivolous items but in smaller quantities,” Nelson said.


“We have seen less of a drop-off in the sales of treats, toys, collars, beds, bowls and spa products. Overall it seems that sales for items people and their pets use on a regular basis are faring better than items people and pets only use on special occasions.”


…For years as the pet industry was growing in double digits, business owners claimed that the pet industry was recession proof. According to recent articles in Pet Product News this may not exactly be true. Very expensive high end items sit on the shelves longer while quality well-priced items continue to sell well.


The Baltimore Sun’s blog, Unleashed, has a news item about a pet food company that is trying to help out owners who are hurting in these tough financial times.


dry-food-groupDogswell, a California-based pet food company, is offering free pet food to owners who have lost their jobs.


As you may have heard, many owners have been unable to keep their dogs after losing their jobs.  They don’t have the money to buy dog food.  Dogswell decided to do something to help.  Now through May 15 Dogswell is giving away one free bag of dry dog food to the first 10,000 unemployed American pet owners to contact them.  They have set a goal of giving away 10,000 bags of dog food — $200,000 worth of food.


To take advantage of this Dogswell offer eligible pet owners must submit a “Bow Wow Bailout” redemption form available at this site


Thank you Dogswell!


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