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Spring reminders

Here are a couple of reminders today.  Spring is well and truly here.  That means that mosquitoes are already out in force and mosquitoes carry heartworm microfilariae.  When they bite your dog these little larvae can migrate to your dog’s heart and grow into large heartworms that can kill your dog.  So, make sure that you have your dog tested for heartworms annually.  If your dog is positive for heartworms your vet can recommend the best course of treatment.  If your dog is negative your vet will prescribe a heartworm preventive.  If you’ve already been giving your dog a preventive then he or she is most likely negative for heartworms but you still need to have your dog tested annually.


Preventive medication such as Heartgard requires a prescription from your veterinarian.  You can get these preventives from your vet.  Many people do this.  However, to be honest, when you buy heartworm preventives from your vet they often cost more than when you buy them from other sources.  What other sources?  Well, there are online pet pharmacies that sell heartworm preventives and other pet medications.  However, you still need your vet’s prescription to buy from these sources.  Some vets can be very uncooperative about providing your dog’s prescription.  Other vets are willing to provide the prescription.  They realize that they can keep a good client who gets their dog’s vaccinations and other veterinary work done with them.  Other vets are willing to match the prices you find online if you bring them proof of the online prescription prices.  These are things that you should discuss with your vet, especially if you feel that your vet is charging too much for heartworm preventive.


I left my vet this month because they wouldn’t provide my dogs’ heartworm prescriptions to an online pet pharmacy.  I hated to do it but they were charging about twice as much as the online pet pharmacy for Heartgard.  When you have five dogs that really adds up.  I felt like I was a very good client —  I take five dogs in for shots every year, I visit for breeding matters and puppies.  They see me much more often than someone with just one pet.  But they refused to give me my dogs’ heartworm prescriptions or match the price.  So, I’m looking for a new vet now.


Besides heartworm preventive you should also prepare for flea season.  There are lots of good alternatives available so no dog has to suffer with fleas anymore.  Frontline, Advantage, Comfortis, Program, Capstar, K9 Advantix…the list goes on and on.  These products work in different ways so read up on them or check with your vet to see which one fits your dog and your living situation best.  But do use something for fleas if you live in an area that is prone to them.  And start early, before you see a flea.  It’s amazing how fast the little beggars can accumulate.  By the time you see a couple of them on your dog they’re probably hopping around your house.


Spring means warm temperatures, too.  That means that you need to take precautions to keep your dog cool.  Remember that you can’t leave your dog in your car — cars can quickly reach temps of 140 degrees on a sunny day.  Always have water available for your dog.  And, even if you have air conditioning in your home, if you leave your dog everyday you may want to consider having a cool pad available or some frozen water bottles — just in case the AC goes off.


Have a great weekend folks!  Enjoy the beauties of spring with your dog.



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