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Honestly, people post the dumbest things on chat lists, don’t they?  I really love my e-mail lists but I have to admit that they can be very bad for spreading rumors and false information.  How many of you threw out all of your household cleaners that had “sol” in the name because of some rumor posted on the Internet?  How many of you were convinced, because of e-mail messages, that Swiffer products were going to kill your dog?  The list is endless.


Today someone posted on one of my lists that you should never leave a dog unattended and then went on to terrify everyone with all of the awful things that could happen to your dog.  Now, I ask you, how practical is that advice?  Just think about that for a moment:  You should NEVER leave a dog unattended.  What?  Not for one single moment of his entire life?  You can’t close your eyes or leave you dog alone from the time he’s born or from the time you bring him home with you?  Please, before you give out advice like that, consider what you’re saying!


No matter how hard we try we can’t protect our dogs from everything.  We can take all reasonable precautions but we can’t live in a state of fear all the time.  You can’t watch your dog every moment of his life.  Besides, what kind of life would your dog live if you never let him out of your sight?  Parents can’t even watch their children every moment of their lives and, as much as we may love them, dogs are not children.


So, here’s my advice for taking care of your dog:


  • Do keep your dog safely contained by using a good fence or other method of containment.
  • Do use a lock on your gate if you have a fence.
  • Do have your dog microchipped if you are comfortable with the idea.
  • Do keep a collar on your dog.
  • Do keep up-to-date contact identification on your dog’s collar.
  • Don’t leave your dog in a car in warm weather even for a few minutes.
  • Don’t tie a dog outside a shop or other business.


Those are some of the common sense things that I try to keep in mind when it comes to taking care of my dogs.  But as far as never leaving your dog unattended, that’s not possible.  All of us have to leave the house at some point.  We cannot stay at home with our dogs 24/7.  We have to work, go to the grocery store, buy dog food!


There will be times when your dog is unattended during your lifetime.  That’s a simple fact of life and you shouldn’t feel guilty about it or worry unnecessarily that roaming bands of dog thieves are going to steal your dog and use him for dog fight bait.  Yes, dogs are occasionally stolen, but if you take reasonable precautions your dog should be all right.


If there’s one thing I really hate it’s fear mongers and people who try to upset other people.  I think there are enough things to worry about in life without making up things to worry about needlessly.


Hug your dogs and give them a big kiss.  Enjoy your weekend.  And, if you have any questions about rumors or information posted on an e-mail list, check it out at Snopes  or one of the other urban legends reference sites.



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