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Orthopedic dog beds


Orthopedic dog bed.  $207 at

Orthopedic dog bed. $207 at

Do you have an elderly dog or a dog with arthritis or joint problems?  I was working on some dog articles yesterday and one of the topics was orthopedic dog beds.  I’ve bought dog beds for my dogs before but I really didn’t know much about orthopedic dog beds.  I had to do a little research about them to write the article.  I discovered some helpful information.



First of all, I learned that orthopedic dog beds can be seriously expensive!  I honestly had no idea they cost so much.  They can cost a lot more than typical dog beds.  I wanted to learn why they cost so much more.


It seems that they often contain “memory foam” which is foam that helps to distribute your dog’s weight.  This is good because if the dog bed gets lumpy or hard for your dog to get up from, then it would be uncomfortable for your dog or he could re-injure himself in some way.  That would defeat the purpose of having an orthopedic dog bed.


Orthopedic dog beds are also usually made from stain-resistant materials and they have covers that are easy to wash.  This is especially important with elderly dogs or dogs in pain because they may have accidents.


Some orthopedic dog beds are made from medical grade materials — the same kind of materials that you would have if you were a patient.  They can also be resistant to allergens, dust and pollen.  Some are even touted as being bacteria-resistant.


Orthopedic dog beds can be completely made of foam or they may have a wire or steel, metal or wooden frame construction depending on the model.  The foam models are more lightweight so it’s easier to carry them and move them from room to room if you have a dog that likes to sleep in different places.


Some orthopedic dog beds are also heated to help comfort aging joints and arthritis.


Orthopedic dog beds are also sometimes made to resemble human furniture.  I don’t know if this serves any purpose, but I thought it was interesting.


There’s a lot to consider when deciding to get an orthopedic dog bed for your dog — especially when you realize that some beds sell for over $200.  Are they worth the money?  Well, anything that helps your dog feel better is a good thing. Can you get by for less?  Probably.


You may be able to convert an ordinary dog bed into an orthopedic dog bed by inserting egg crate foam (the kind used by people) inside the zippered lining of the dog bed.  This would make it more comfortable to an older dog and help with weight distribution — thus preventing the bed from getting lumpy.  You could also provide your own covered heating pad to ease joint pain and help your dog’s arthritis.  But, if you have some money to spend it would be nice to have a good orthopedic dog bed for your dog.



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