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More training and Responsible Dog Ownership Day

4Blue had his first clicker training class last night and it was very interesting!  The trainer had me start out with clicking and treating Blue for making eye contact with me.  Well, he had that down cold.  He watches me all the time.  So he was getting lots of clicks and little hot dog bits for looking at me when I said something like, “Blue, look at me!”

Next, we got to move on to trying to get him to trot again.  My significant other had gone with me to the class and he was very helpful.  I should say that he has a broken finger — from tubing down the river and trying to swing out over the river on a rope (don’t get me started) — so it was very good of him to offer to go with us.  He was moving Blue around and I was clicking when Blue actually trotted, which he did a few times.  Then Blue would get some hot dog treats.  I think Blue was starting to trot a little more by the time we finished.

I think it’s too early to say that Blue has associated the click with knowing that he’s doing something I want him to do, but he seems to be learning fast.

Pearl went with us, at the trainer’s request, but we really didn’t use her to help Blue, at least I don’t think so.  She was learning about clicking, too.  She learned about keeping her eyes on me and getting treats when I clicked.  She got some extra attention from the trainer when we were working with Blue.  I still don’t know how she’s supposed to help Blue learn to trot.

So, that’s where we are with our training.  I’ll keep you posted.  We have another class tonight.

In other doggy news, the AKC has announced that they’re getting ready for another Responsible Dog Ownership Day.  This is a great annual event — actually it’s a month-long celebration of dog ownership that goes on across the country.  Here’s what they have to say:


— Hundreds of Nationwide Events Listed on

New York, NY – Are you interested in learning training and grooming tips from the pros? Or considering adding a new family member? Be sure to mark “AKC® Responsible Dog Ownership Days” on your calendar. This month-long celebration includes hundreds of organizations around the country holding free events filled with fun and engaging activities for every current or future dog owner. AKC Responsible Dog Ownership Day events are held throughout September and are listed on

“According to an AKC survey, 99% of dog owners have a dog because of the love and companionship they provide. Dogs have become increasingly important in our lives and the best way to return the love of your dog is to be a responsible owner,” said AKC spokesperson Lisa Peterson. “AKC Responsible Dog Ownership Days across the country are aimed at helping owners keep their canine companions happy and living harmoniously in their communities.”

Each AKC Responsible Dog Ownership Day event is unique but many include obedience and agility demonstrations, meet the breeds, microchip clinics, breed rescue information, therapy dog/service dog demonstrations, health clinics, safety around dogs for kids, giveaways and other entertaining and educational activities. If you want to show your friends and family how well-mannered your dog can be, take the AKC Canine Good Citizen® (CGC) Test. This 10-step test rewards well-mannered, obedient dogs – and is offered at many events.

Listings of all events can be found and searched by state at The site will be updated weekly to reflect new additions.  Over 200 local events have been entered to date, including:

·        9/12- Clearwater Kennel Club, Tampa Bay Kennel Club and Pasco Florida Kennel Club  –  AKC obedience & agility demos, parade of over 50 AKC breeds and rescue dogs, demonstrations from city police K-9 unit and 4H kids with their K-9s. AKC Canine Good Citizen® testing, canine massage, canine first aid and CPR, Paws for Patriots, guide dog and therapy/service dog instructors, and 40 vendors.

·        9/13-Tropical Toy Dog Fanciers of Hawaii, Honolulu, HI  –  Conformation handling class: learn how to show your dog! Meet the Breeds with some of AKC’s 161 dog breeds available with breed experts. AKC Canine Good Citizen® testing.

·        9/19-Rapid City Kennel Club, Rapid City, South Dakota  –  Demonstrations of agility, earthdog, obedience, rally, flyball, basic training and more. AKC-sanctioned B-OB match. AKC Canine Good Citizen® testing, microchip clinic, youth coloring contest, dog parade, and other fun games. Educational information regarding dog laws, grooming, health and nutrition, obedience class signup, pet first aid, spay/neuter, therapy and service dogs, AKC and 4H.

·        9/26-Suffolk County Kennel Club, Oyster Bay, NY  –  AKC education tables with breeder referral, canine health issues, getting started in AKC events junior showmanship and safety around dogs information. Learn how to find a responsible breeder and talk to experienced owners and trainers. All-breed dog show will be held with rally and obedience trials held by Suffolk Obedience Training Club. Food and vendors with dog-related products will also be available.

AKC will celebrate its own AKC Responsible Dog Ownership Day in Raleigh, N.C. on Saturday, September 26. The event will feature many AKC-recognized breeds, agility and obedience demonstrations, AKC CGC® testing, and low-cost microchipping.

AKC Responsible Dog Ownership Days are nationally sponsored by Invisible Fence® Brand, whose behavior-based containment system has successfully kept over 2 million dogs safely contained in both outdoor and indoor environments. Invisible Fence Brand will be highlighting their commitment to responsible dog ownership this September by working with event-hosting organizations across the country to provide resources and information for pet owners. Learn more about our sponsor at

Organizations interested in hosting an AKC Responsible Dog Ownership Day event should contact the AKC at or visit .

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