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Round Up

Billie as a puppy

Billie as a puppy

I told you a few weeks ago that Taylor was starting to have some weakness in his rear legs and that I thought he needed more than just his usual glucosamine-chondroitin-MSM tablets.  So, I ordered something for him called Dog Gone Pain.  He’s only been taking it for a few days but I am very happy with it.  He is acting feisty again plus he’s been trotting around the house.  He’s even been playing with the other dogs.  Taylor will be 13 in a couple of weeks and I think his new medicine is really helping him.

All of the dogs continue their clicker training.  It’s really funny.  If I just give them treats now without using the clicker they look kind of disappointed.  LOL  They want the clicker! It must give them some feeling of accomplishment.

I was looking around on eBay the other day to buy some extra clickers and maybe a new bait bag (I’m using my old fanny pack right now) and I discovered something interesting.  People are selling things on eBay at a marked up price.  I don’t even like eBay anymore.  You used to be able to go there and find good deals but now it seems that the people who sell there have their own stores and they’re just trying to sell their merchandise.  For instance, with the little clickers, people were selling them for several dollars each.  I googled the brand and I found the same thing selling for $1.29 cents at Pet Edge.  It was the same way with the training pouch I liked.  People on eBay were selling them for $15 but they were $9.99 at Pet Edge.  So they’re buying them cheap and selling them high on eBay.  If you want a good price, go somewhere besides eBay, or at least look other places, too.

Don’t rule out your local pet supply stores either.  I was buying dog food yesterday and I checked out what they had.  They didn’t have a large selection but for the things they did have their prices weren’t bad.  Of course, that’s the Tractor Supply Co. store.  I don’t have a PetSmart or other pet store near me since I live out in the country.  I think the Tractor Supply Co. store is just as dangerous as a pet store.  I am not as tempted to buy pet things but I always seem to buy some shirts or look at horse magazines when I go there each week.  It’s a struggle not to buy a Breyer horse.  I used to collect them when I was growing up and I still love them.

Billie in the field

Billie in the field

It will soon be time to breed Billie.  Just a few more weeks.  I’m very excited.  She’s four years old and this will be her first litter if all goes well.  She’s a beautiful girl but she has a very unusual personality.  If you know anything about astrology Billie is a Gemini.  She does things her own way.  She is “quirky.”  Sometimes she is very loving and wants to be petted but other times she just wants to be alone.  She will go off and lie in the sun in the backyard all by herself.  She doesn’t care what the other dogs do. Sometimes you can’t even tempt her with food.  She does what she wants to do.  She’s always been this way since she was a puppy.

I guess I’m giving this round up about everything because this is my last post here.  The GreytInspirations store will be closing soon and this is the end of the blog.  I want to thank Joanne for allowing me to have fun with these posts.  I love writing about my dogs and finding stories that might interest dog lovers.

So, good luck to Joanne and her family, both human and animal.  And thanks to all of you who have been reading.  I appreciate the time you’ve taken to stop by and read.  Many thanks and hugs to your pets.

Carlotta Cooper

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