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Travel with Your Pet? Meet bergan…

As I was thinking about our car trip to Ohio next weekend, I got the idea to write a post about my dog’s awesome travel food container the “travel dine” made by blitz. I began the online search for some pics and background info. and found out that the company is now called “bergan“. They make really great products to help reduce the amount of “diaper bags” needed to take your pets on vacation with you.

“Travel Dine” now called “Sporty” with a change from red to blue, has enough space for 5 cups of food and 1 gallon of water. We love this for long weekend trips to our parent’s house. It’s self contained so it rarely makes a mess and has a plastic cover that goes over the food and a plug for the water part.

Simply fill with dog food and go. When I get to my parent’s house, I fill the water compartment and that’s it! When my husband and I leave, I cover the food and drain the water. After a couple year’s of use I’ve lost the water stopper so I simply shove a couple of paper towels in the hole to handle any water that gets trapped. It’s so easy just to throw this in and out of your trunk. No spills and no begging from your dog smelling a bag a food in the back seat!

bergan also has a couple of newer products called the Auto-Wata, great for outside dogs. You can continuously give your dog fresh water by connecting this bowl to your garden hose. Turbo Scratcher is great for all of the cat-lovers out there, a new toy that will keep your cat active and entertained!

All of the above can be found from these retailers.

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Taking Advantage of Great Weather…

The weather has been so beautiful in Indianapolis lately. My husband and I have been taking advantage of cooler temperatures and little to no rain over the past week. Staining the fence, working in the garden and yard and taking Tucker for walks at night.

I love when my husband and I have time to take Tucker on a “nighttime walk”. The neighborhood is lit only by the street lights of the housing development & Tucker can explore without the noise of passing cars, kids & roaring lawn mowers.

I can’t wait for the leaves to turn and weekends hiking at the park with the deer and autumn sunsets at our fingertips!

photo courtesy of flickr

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Simple Solutions…ahhh the good life :)

Sometimes its the simple things that make us happy and this product is no exception. My mixed-breed is 3 years old and due to his breed and attitude still has accidents now and then. Funny how my dog can go 8+ hours during the day without needing to go, but soon as night falls…its a different story. Don’t get me started with the separation anxiety disorder ūüôā

My husband and I wanted to replace our worn out carpet but refused until we could find a product that would keep our dog from ruining our investment and our sanity. Luckily we were told about a product from Simple Solution.

The product is called a washable male wrap and is made from denim on the outside and flannel on the inside (with mesh on the middle inside). The great thing about it is it doesn’t restrict your male dog like a diaper, it only wraps around the “pee pee” and Velcros together on the top. You can purchase pads to absorb urine accidents from Simple Solutions, but I highly recommend purchasing Always or Kotex pads and cutting them in half. They will be more comfortable for your dog and cheaper too! The thinner the pad, the more my dog doesn’t seem to mind them, even though he still walks funny every night when I put it on ūüôā I would also recommend purchasing two, for those nights you forget to wash the diaper. The diaper wrap can be purchased at chain pet stores as well as online sites like

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Dog Sleepover Etiquette…Who Knew?

While browsing several popular US doggy day care facilities, I came across a national company called “Central Bark“.¬† This company is spread across several US states and offers the normal boarding, play dates and grooming services.¬†

However, now your lucky dog¬†can participate in arranged (or spontaneous depending how you look at it) sleepovers.¬† You heard me, sleepovers.¬† Not only can my dog be pampered, get more play time and naps then I would on vacation, they can be socialized teenagers as well ūüôā

But wait, there’s more.¬† Not only can you pay for your dog to have his first sleepover, there is a pdf list of do’s and do not’s as well.¬† Like pre-measuring your dog’s food in baggies (oh yes,¬†I do this all the time), then apparently this has to be placed in a rodent proof container…where is this place, New York?¬† Don’t forget your permanent marker and maximum of two toys.¬† If I’m not mistaken, I think I’m actually¬†sending my dog to boarding school???!

Has anyone¬†taken this leap and exposed their dog to a sleepover?¬† I think I’ll stick to the occasional Doggy Day Care¬†for now ūüôā¬†

picture courtesy of Central Bark

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Choosing a mixed-breed pet for your family…

You support buying a pet from a shelter and want to let your children choose the new family member, but not researching dog breeds can leave your family heartbroken, your house in shambles and your new pet homeless.

According to choosing a mixed-breed pet can have several advantages including a longer life-span, deeper appreciation and love for their owners and even better luck with training than the average purebred.

My husband and I own a jack russel / whippet mix named “Tucker” that we adopted from Animal House Rescue (NW Ohio) which we found through searching the pages of¬† We were lucky to adopt from a “foster mom” who told us about Tucker’s possible behavior issues, his approximate adult size, his history (in our case, Tucker was in a high kill shelter in southern Ohio and had severe heart worms…Animal House Rescue takes care of health issues before you adopt and provides records from a local vet clinic).¬† If you are not provided with this information, ask.¬† Not knowing this information can lead to surprises that can be damaging to your family and your check book.

Of course I had to add pics of Tucker above.  All in all, we were very surprised how loyal he has been and how his love for us seems to grow daily.  We have had our share of potty training and barking issues but are very happy with our mixed breed pick.

Just a tip:¬† Don’t search until you are ready for a new pet.¬† The pictures are so cute you will melt the second you start searching!!

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Greenies –Not Just for Bad Breath Anymore…

Dog owners know what its like to be close to your pet after they have eaten a bowl full of dry food, ate one of your freshly planted flowers or sneaked into the bathroom to find a new water dish …ewww!
Since brushing your pet’s teeth is as easy as wrestling a small child into doing the same, a company called “Greenies” has made teeth protection and bad breath blues into a fun treat that your dog or cat will love!

But wait there’s more! Greenies recently launched a new product that will make giving your pets medication easy too. They are called “pill pockets” and are sure to be a hit with your dog or cat!

Click here for a free sample of original Greenies (dog or cat)
Click here for a free sample of greenies pill pockets (dog or cat)

dog and cat photo courtesy of flickr

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Bathing your Dog

I just published a good article on how to bathe your dog. With spring coming up, the timing is appropriate.

The article gives good instructions on the best way to bathe your dog, and do’s and dont’s.¬†

I know that we’ll be bathing all 5 of our dogs at some point in the next few weeks and that’ll mean that all the dog beds,¬†blankets and dog toys¬†get washed at the same time so that everything is clean and smelling good.

Bath-day is a full-day job!

Pet article:  Bathing your Dog

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Break the Chain

I came across this excellent post while browsing this morning. I couldn’t agree more with the article.

“Can you believe some people still tether their dogs? If you’re like me you don’t have to suspend disbelief. The evidence is incontrovertible–you can see it as you pass through neighbrhoods with small yards and incomplete fencing.”¬†¬†¬† ¬†Read More…..

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A lot off topic but…

definetly something important¬†to think about…¬†¬†¬† I came across this blog post while working on something else and thought it to be very interesting.¬†


What do you think? Is e-learning part of the answer to our climate problems? Is e-learning green-learning (or g-learning)? This is not something that I have spent much time contemplating, but at the ITC Board Meeting a couple of weeks ago this topic came up and I found myself somewhat intrigued by it.

Board member David Hutto from North Carolina has done some research about this. What I heard him say is the following (paraphrased slightly): if 1,000 commuter students per state moved to e-learning (rather than driving to campus for F2F (face-to-face) classes) we would save $5.4 million in energy costs (gasoline) per year. I wonder if he was basing these calculations on the current price of over $3.00 per gallon or some earlier, lower amount. Either way, I think there is probably some potential for the idea of leveraging e-learning for gasoline savings, reducing dependence on foreign oil, and reducing carbon emissions. Of course, I don’t think that anyone else actually cares, but at least David and I do.”

I care. I also think this could be extended and expanded into telecommuting for work. Although many companies allow for telecommuting, many more do not. Businesses are very slow to grasp this concept – the fact that it is much more productive, saves a great deal of money for the business as well as for the employee, less stressful and of course, energy-efficient. This has been an uphill battle for many years; one that I have been on-board for for a long time. Still Waiting!

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An Unproductive Day

I’ve not had a very good day today, I can’t even get motivated enough to write on my blog so I thought I would list a few of the newer articles on Greyt Inspirations.
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Labrador Retriever
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Irish Wolfhound
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