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Did I ever tell you?

Did I tell you the story about Mandy and the big bone?Last Friday after work, we stopped at the butcher like we alwasy do to get bones for the dogs. The butcher only had 3 bones for us and one of the bones was very large. He was too busy to cut it for us so we brought it home as is.

It turns out that dogs can tell the difference between ordinary size bones and big bones.   We gave the big bone to Shadow because he is the biggest of all the dogs and usually the most enthusiastic over bones for a treat.
Mandy took one look at Shadows bone and didn’t want hers – she wanted his. I don’t know how she did it, but she had it within a few minutes and was happy knawing on it on the deck.
Shadow was not impressed and stood staring at her for the longest time. He DID NOT want any of the other bones. After awhile he just came into the house and laid down on a bed.

Onyx just decided he didn’t want any of the other bones either.

When Mandy came inside to get a drink of water, Shadow went outside and took the big bone back. A few minutes later, Mandy was back outside, took one look at Shadow with ‘her bone”, stuck her face in his, and growled and snarled at him. He immediately dropped the bone and walked away.

They all eventually got a chance at the bone, but only after Mandy decided that she was done with it – a few hours later…


We have always known that Mandy is alpha, but up until last weekend, she has always been a very subtle alpha. That was the first time we have actually seen her as a “bitch” .

All I can say is “Thank Goodness” Shadow is very submissive or we could have had a big fight over that bone…


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TJ photos

 I am a lucky lady. Yesterday, Rowdy pictures; today TJ pictures. Thanks to our friend Jenn who takes fabulous photos.

TJ   TJ   TJ    TJ   TJ   TJ

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Rowdy Rumba

This morning, I got some new pictures of FTH Rowdy Rumba. They are fabulous and I thought I would share. Thank you for the pictures Jenn.

Hello There  Play Time  Fun Times  Wheeee  Onward

I’m gonna get ya  Here I come…  Turn, turn, turn     Hi Everyone…I had fun, but I’m tired now..

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