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Bo the Beanie Baby

Bo the Beanie Baby

Bo the Beanie Baby

I guess a lot of us have things that we collect.  I collect English Setter things.  I have figurines, calendars, paintings, prints, a few t-shirts, an umbrella somewhere.  A keychain that I use everyday with not one but TWO ES figure heads on it.  Afterall, you can never have too many beautiful English Setter faces looking at you when you drive, right?  Before English Setters I used to collect horse things — especially racehorse things.  When I was growing up my bedroom was lined with pictures of Secretariat and other great horses.  My brothers had photos of football players and rock bands.  So, I suppose we all identify with things and collect stuff.  It seems to be part of human nature.

I came across a story the other day that made me laugh.  The Ty people — the folks who make Beanie Babies — have created a Beanie Baby of Bo, the Obamas’ White House dog.  Here’s the article from a few weeks ago:

Bo the Obama dog makes Beanie Baby debut


Associated Press Writer


The presidential popularity of the Obamas’ new puppy Bo is complete. The company that makes Beanie Babies has released a shaggy black and white version of the dog named “Bo” – and he’s selling fast.

The company has previously run into trouble taking inspiration from the Obama family. The company released two dolls resembling the Obama children as part of its Ty Girlz collection but retired the names “Marvelous Malia” and “Sweet Sasha” after Michelle Obama said using her daughters’ names was inappropriate.

The dolls were renamed “Marvelous Mariah” and “Sweet Sydney.”

…Oak Brook-based Ty Inc. introduced the stuffed animal on April 16, two days after Bo the Portuguese Water Dog made his White House debut in a photo session with President Barack Obama, first lady Michelle Obama and their daughters, 10-year-old Malia and 7-year-old Sasha.

“We are very proud of the First Family and wanted to join in celebrating their choice of a family pet,” Ty chief executive officer Ty Warner said in a statement.

The “Bo” doll’s suggested price is $4.99. It auctioned Wednesday on eBay for between $5 and $139.95. Ty said the company will donate a portion of its profits from the “Bo” doll to local animal shelters.

Bo with some Beanie Baby friends.

Bo with some Beanie Baby friends.

Well, I just checked eBay and you can still find Bo for around $6-7 but, there are also collectors selling him for much more.  If you want the deluxe package, for example, that includes Bo and the two Ty Beanie Baby Obama girls (which have been discontinued and renamed), then you will have to pay around $1500.

I’ve never been a Beanie Baby collector myself but I know some people really love them — or see them as a way to make a lot of money.

You can see Bo’s Beanie Baby introduction on the Ty web site.

Bo must have settled into his White House role as First Dog without much trouble.  We haven’t heard much news about him lately.  If he’s creating any problems they’re not making the news.  We’re still wishing him all the best.

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