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Dog movies, Puppy Bowl and dog shows!

It’s a great weekend for dog entertainment!



Pedigree dog food is helping to promote the movie Hotel For Dogs, a movie about kids finding homes for homeless dogs.  According to the Pedigree web site, for every ticket purchased Pedigree will make a donation to help shelter dogs.


Hotel For Dogs is described as “a smart, funny comedy adventure about a sister and brother who turn an abandoned hotel into a dog’s paradise.”


Pedigree has been holding their annual adoption drive for several years.  They say,


We share their belief that all dogs deserve a loving home. That’s why we created The PEDIGREE Foundation— a newly-established 501(c)(3) private foundation dedicated to helping dogs in need find loving homes by supporting the good work of shelters and breed rescue organizations throughout the country.


That’s certainly a very laudable goal.


ladytramp5-300x224For fans of dog movies, here’s one blogger’s list of Top Ten Dog Movies of all time:


10. Cujo (1983)

9. Homeward Bound: The Incredible Journey (1993)

8. The Incredible Journey (1963)

7. Turner and Hooch (1989)

6. 101 Dalmatians

5. White Fang (1991 )

4. Benji (1974)

3. Best in Show (2000)

2. Old Yeller (1957)

1. Lady and The Tramp (1966)

I take serious exception, however, to any list that leaves out the classic Lassie, Come Home.  And, really — Cujo?  That’s on a list of great dog movies?  Anyway, if you have thoughts on great dog movies you can leave a comment.



A great English Setter in the Sporting Group.

A great English Setter in the Sporting Group.

There’s more great entertainment for dog lovers this weekend with the airing of the AKC/Eukanuba National Championship (finally!!!) this weekend on Animal Planet and the Discovery Channel.  This show was filmed in December but it’s only being shown for the first time now.  The country’s top dogs compete for $225,000 in prize money and the title of  National Champion.  It will be televised on Animal Planet and the Discovery Channel from 8-11 pm on Saturday, January 31.



Yes, I know who won but it will still be great to see all of the group judging and the great dogs.  (If you want to cheat and see the results you can look on the AKC web site.)



Some games are too exciting to watch.

Some games are too exciting to watch.

Finally, I know it’s Super Bowl weekend, but my teams are long gone.  If you’re looking for, shall we say “alternative” dog programming, there’s not much more fun than the Puppy Bowl.  This is Puppy Bowl V.  This year 20 puppy players, and kitty half-time entertainers, will delight fans with their antics.  The action kicks off (tumbles off?) at 3 pm EST Sunday on Animal Planet.  For all the details, visit’s Puppy Bowl page, where you can vote for your favorite pup, check out the players’ stats and size up the competition, get the inside scoop from the refs and lots more.  They may not play as rough as the Super Bowl guys, but it looks like more fun.  And you can adopt one of these players!

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