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A little cloud, alot of sun equals

a beautiful day but I sure got alot burnt.  We were at a greyhound event on Saturday and we brought our tent with us because we weren’t sure if it was going to rain or not. When we went to put the tent up, we were missing the top part so – no tent.  Because I thought we’d be under a tent, I didn’t bring any sunscreen – Mistake! My shoulders, arms, neck and nose are all beet red and sore.

Other than getting burnt to a crisp, it was a lovely day. We had alot of fun, met alot of nice, new people, met up with alot of our friends that we don’t see all that often and went to our friends place for supper afterward. It was a nice, relaxing but long day.

Next time, we’ll double check to make sure we have everything we need….

On another note, I have recently added new items to my website. Some clothing, some collars with more to come.

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What would you do?

Yesterday, a friend of our passed away suddenly. Her husband travels for his job so they have to find new homes for all their animals. It’s terribly sad that this has happened to such a wonderful person and we’ll miss her dearly. Her husband is understandably devestated and on top of all that has happened, he has to rehome all their dearly beloved pets.  Luckily, she has a large circle of friends so it shouldn’t be too difficult to find good homes…

It has got us to thinking, do you have plans for your pets should something happen to you? We don’t, but we will! This is something that I need to do right away. I can’t stand the thought that our dogs may not have somewhere "suitable" and a loving environment to go to. My preference is that they would be able to go to our friends. We’ll be working on those plans right away…

Yesterday was a horribly sad day! It’ll take awhile to get over this shock – she was a good friend. I feel so sad.

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