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* New * New * New * Dog Collars

Not to lose momentum, we have even more New Dog Collars on our Greyt Inspirations website.
As a little teaser, here are a pictures of a few of the new dog collars.

dog collars


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And on the Creative side…

I have some new designs that have recently been published to my website that I thought I would share with all of you. They are fabulous! Some of them have got to be my favorite of all…

I’ll start with the additions to my Jungle Theme collection.

The gorgeous embroidered “The Brigitte”

And all our other new creations

To see much more new, please visit our New page.

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On the weekend, I added a few new items to Greyt Inspirations and to The GlassHound. You can see a small glimpse below however all the new items are on their respective websites.

Greyt Inspirations new martingale dog collars:

Martingale dog collar Martingale dog collar Martingale dog collar Martingale dog collar

to see more of the new martingale dog collar designs, please visit our New products page.

The GlassHound, new stained glass stepping stones:

Stained Glass Stepping Stone Stained Glass Stepping Stone Stained Glass Stepping Stone Stained Glass Stepping Stone

To see more of our stained glass stepping stone collections, please visit: Stepping Stones

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Back to Work

I have been diligently working on catching up with our Greyt Inspirations orders. The custom collar orders and embroidery orders will be completed this weekend; since it is a long weekend, I should be able to get caught up.

I have also been adding the new designs to the website as I am able. There are some gorgeous new designs that can be found on the following web pages:

New Collars and Leash designs 

or you can search through the Miscellaneous Collars, the Embroidered Collars and the Leashes pages.

More to come over the next few days…


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Sick and Tired, part 2

For the second time in 2 weeks, I am not feeling well again. My husband passed his version of the flu on to me. It started yesterday and today I have the body aches and I’m very tired.    Oh how I love flue season! — about as much as I love winter!

 On a happy note, I received a new fabric trim order yesterday and can’t wait to make them into martingale dog collars. They are gorgeous! and will make gorgeous dog collars. They are fabric trims in matching sets (matching colors) and the colors are just beautiful. I won’t be putting these on my website until after Sandy Paws, the greyhound event that I will be attending as a vendor in GA in early March but I will post pictures of them once I have them created.

These should be the last set of “new” martingale collars that I am creating for this event and I plan to make a “sneak preview” web page on my website to show off all the new designs. That should be done sometime within the next 2 weeks.

I  am getting so excited to go to this event for a few reasons: I will be going to warmth and sunshine for 2 weeks (huge bonus) and I get to meet up with many of my friends that I only get to see once or twice a year. I can’t wait…

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More Dog Collars

During the past week or so, I have had a greyt time creating some new dog collars. There are a few of these that I really think are special and I thought I would show them to you.  Just a few of the many to choose from:

 Diva Embroidered Martingale Collar                         Pinstripe Martingale Collar                           Simply Fun Martingale Dog Collar

Lately, I have been recieving alot of requests and orders for embroidered dog collars with the dogs name and the owners telephone number. I think this is a greyt idea, especially for those dogs that play at dog parks alot or tend to be master evaders.

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I made it

Now that the Christmas Rush seems to have slowed down, I have some time to relax. I can’t believe I made it through. I was “happily” very busy for at least 2 months and extremely busy during this past month. I say “happily” because that means that Greyt Inspirations is starting to prosper after 3 years of hard work. This is what I have always strived for so I am very happy. I’m not “there” yet, but I am “getting there”.

 Starting in January, I will be designing and creating some fabulous new martingale dog collars and embroidery designs. I have had some ‘greyt’ ideas in mind and some fabulous new fabric and fabric trims that I have been dying to get to but haven’t had the time. I can’t wait to get to these new and wonderful designs. Stay tuned….

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I am finally almost caught up on orders. I have been very busy these past 2 weeks, working every night and every weekend to get a couple of large orders ready and shipped. One more to go and that one is half-done.  Right on time, as I am going away this weekend to see my Dad who hasn’t been feeling well for the past month or so. 

I have also published a new Dog Breed Article on Bernese Mountain Dogs. This is a very well written and very interesting article.

 Later tonight, I am hoping to be loading a few new Embroidered Tote Bags. Some of them have the new embroidery designs – absolutely lovely.

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New Leashes match New Martingale Collars

Greyt Inspirations has new dog leashes to match our abstract martingale collars. These martingale collars and leashes are gorgeous! They come in 3 colors so you can have a set: blue, green and yellow.Without further ado, here they are:

blue-abstract-mg-500.jpg blue-leash-500.jpg
green-leash-5001.jpg green-abstract-mg-500.jpg
yellow-abstract-mg-500.jpg yellow-leash-500.jpg

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