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A Christmas puppy?

It’s that time of year again. The time of year when you start hearing all of the cautions about not getting a puppy for Christmas. And that’s good advice. It’s hard to introduce a new pet into the household during the holidays. If you think this time of year is stressful for humans, just think how you would feel as a puppy coming into a new household.

Yet, according to the American Pet Products Manufacturers Association, 53 percent of American pets are acquired during the holidays. So, obviously, someone is ignoring the advice.

Before you bring that puppy home consider carefully:

Christmas Puppy * Puppies cost more than the purchase price. Even if you are getting a “free” puppy, your new pet will cost you in vet care, license fees, dog food, toys, and so many other ways. It is not cheap to keep a pet. Many pets are being surrendered to animal shelters right now because people can’t afford to keep them in this economy. Can you really afford to get a puppy right now?

* How about the rest of the family? Are they all on board with the idea of a new puppy? A puppy affects every single person in the family. When he eats your husband’s shoe, you will hear about it. Is everyone in favor of getting a puppy?

* Do you have the time to commit to a new puppy? Not only will your puppy live for the next 10, 12, maybe even 15 years, but for the first few months he will need an intense time commitment from you to learn housetraining and good manners. Otherwise he may develop behavioral problems. Do you have the time it takes to train a puppy?

While some shelters and organizations have said they will not adopt any pets during the holidays (which puts these animals at risk of being euthanized), Iams pet food has taken a more proactive approach. I suppose they figure that if people are going to get a pet during the holidays anyway, they should encourage them to adopt. Iams is sponsoring the Home 4 The Holidays adoption event. They are hoping to help get one million pets adopted this holiday season.

Last year they helped get 491,612 animals adopted during this time, so they have raised their goal considerably, but it seems like a worthy project. There is information on their Web site about adopting a pet, donating to the program, volunteering, and for shelters.

So, if you still want that puppy for Christmas, and you are in a position to get one, financially, with your family, and time-wise, perhaps you should check out Home 4 The Holidays. Or, go down to your local shelter and see if they have a nice dog available that might suit you.

The most important thing is that you have thought through getting a puppy. No impulse decisions. You don’t want to get a sweet (or wild) puppy and have to take him back to the shelter in a few days or weeks. That’s not fair to the puppy. Consider carefully before you get that puppy for Christmas.

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New Dog for the White House

Election Means New Dog in the White House
by: Carlotta

Whatever your political persuasion and your feelings about this weeks election, one thing we can say about it with certainty: it’s over! We have a new president-elect and it’s time to get down to what’s really important. That means holding Barack Obama to his pre-election pledge — his promise to his daughters to get them a puppy after the election. He has already shown that he is mindful of this promise, declaring in his acceptance speech to his daughters, “Sasha and Malia, I love you both more than you can imagine. And you have earned the new puppy that’s coming with us to the White House.”

(In fairness to McCain supporters, the McCain family is credited with having 24 pets, including at least seven dogs, so the country would have been in good hands, pet-wise, with either candidate.)

Now the search is on to figure out exactly what kind of puppy will be right for the Obamas. The AKC, the Humane Society of the United States and other animal groups are all eagerly trying to assist the family in choosing a pet. The AKC held a poll a few months ago and more than 42,000 people voted on what kind of dog they thought would be best for the Obamas. Since one of the Obama daughters has allergies, voters were given five hypoallergenic breeds from which to choose. The big winner was the Poodle, long considered an ideal family pet by many people. The Poodle is the eighth most popular breed in the country, based on 2007 registration statistics. Poodles are also extremely intelligent and devoted family members with great temperaments. They’re very smart on their own and capable of learning anything you want to teach them. They do require some coat maintenance but that shouldn’t be a problem for a dog who would be living in the White House with a staff to help take care of him.

Whether the Obamas will opt for a Poodle, or any purebred dog, or choose a dog from a pound or rescue, we don’t know. Michelle Obama has been reported as preferring to adopt a puppy, but with the family’s need for a dog that will be better for a child with allergies they will have to choose carefully. In that way they can set a good example for everyone since no one should obtain a dog on impulse.

Not to be outdone, vice president-elect Joe Biden reportedly has permission from his wife to get a “big dog” now that he’s won the election. No word yet about what kind of dog the Bidens will be seeking.

It’s nice to see our new leaders taking such an interest in getting dogs. You probably know the Harry Truman quote, “If you want a friend in Washington, get a dog.” Maybe Mr. Obama and Mr. Biden will have some friends, at least for a while. But when things get tough they will have their family dogs for friendship.

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Supplies for your new puppy

Supplies You’ll Need for Your New Puppy

If you’re considering a new puppy, you will first need to gather the necessary supplies. Many people don’t realize how many supplies puppies actually require. In addition to their mandatory shots and vet visit, you will need to stock your home with the essentials your new addition will need. Your puppy will need to eat, of course, so the first item on your list should be puppy food. The brand you choose is a matter of personal preference, however be sure to pick a good quality pet food. Make sure you choose food especially made for puppies, not adult dogs.

Once you’ve picked out the puppy food you’ll need something to put it in. There are a wide assortment of bowls for puppies and dogs to eat and drink from. Some of them are simple and inexpensive while others are works of art. For example you can find ceramic bowls hand painted with cute decorations or even customize your dog’s bowl. There are also metal dog bowls that are sturdy and easy to clean. You should not use plastic dishes as the bacteria collects in plastic and cannot be washed off.

Your puppy will also need toys and treats. You don’t want to overwhelm your home with goodies, just pick up a box of treats appropriate for puppies and a few toys that you think he or she will like. Many puppies like soft, snuggly plush animals to cuddle and play with.

Speaking of cuddling, you’ll want to buy a bed for your new dog. There are round beds with soft interiors that your puppy will adore.

A collar and leash are two more essentials. Make sure the collar fits snugly around your puppies neck yet allows you to fit two fingers underneath.

There are plenty of other supplies (some necessary and some frivolous) for puppies and dogs at pet stores everywhere.

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Basic Training Tips

Basic Training Tips for Your New Dog or Puppy

If you have recently welcomed a new dog or puppy to your family you’ll want to teach them the basics of obedience. There are some simple training commands that every dog should know.

  • your dog should know how to come when called.

    • This is achieved by using the dog’s name along with the ‘Come’ or ‘Come here’ command. If your dog doesn’t understand, use the leash and gently urge him/her to come closer to you.
    • Another way to entice your dog to come when called is to use treats he/she really likes. Once she comes to you after being called, reward her with a treat and some praise. Treats are very important in the training process because most dogs are food motivated.

  • The next command you may want to work on is Sit. You can call your dog to you, then direct him to sit by pressing gently on their backside and giving a gentle tug up on the leash. Your dog should automatically sit down. The more you reinforce this with treats, the faster your dog will learn the sit command.
  • Other commands you may want to teach your new puppy or dog include

    • stay
    • heel
    • and lay down.

  • Some dog owners enjoy teaching their dogs tricks too

    • roll over
    • speak.

There are plenty of great books available these days that can give you a more extensive education in dog training. Your local library or bookstore should have a good selection from which you can choose.

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Rowdy Roo Roo

What a joy he is! Rowdy is our newest greyhound that we brought home in March. He is only 2 1/2 years old and stole our hearts from day one. He is so much fun!

Sleepy Head

He loves stuffies, balls and anything that can be carried around including socks, clothing, kleenex…
(we’ve had to puppy-proof our house)

A few days ago, we decided to see what he would do with a very large stuffed monkey that we have had around the house for a few years (it was slated for our garage sale). Well, turns out size doesn’t matter; he loves it and has been dragging it around, playing with it and having a grand-ole time with it since he got it. Too funny!

He is the only greyhound that we know that plays fetch.
He is velvety-soft.
And a total love-bug suck – which we love.
He constantly has us smiling or laughing and has brought even more fun-times into our house. He has this way of twisting his head around and giving you the “adorable face” that you can’t be resisted (and he knows it).
Mandy, Shadow and Onyx all love him too. He fit right in, without any incidents and continues to make all our life more joyful (including our other greyhounds who have become slightly more playful; it’s amazing what some competition does.

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Meet Prancer!

Another great find – “Rescue Me” Blog.

   Prancer is a very cute little dog with mystery lineage. He looks sort of like a terrier/chihuahua/lab/beagle mix. He is great with other animals and kids. He is really hoping for a home to call his own for the Holidays.       Read More…

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