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Winter Tips

Winter is really beginning to hit hard in many places. It’s been cold here where I live (22 degrees this morning — brrrr!) and there was a big power outage in parts of New England this week. It’s a good idea to think about your dog’s needs when it gets this cold, whether he lives indoors or outdoors.

Make sure you keep fresh water available for your dog at all times. You can’t depend on snow or ice as a water source, and you really don’t want to encourage your dog to drink too much from these sources. Your dog needs as much water in winter as in summer to keep from becoming dehydrated.

Your dog may need extra calories in the winter, so consider increasing his food amounts. This is especially true if your dog lives outdoors or works or plays outdoors a lot. it takes a lot of energy to keep the body warm in winter so those calories will be used.

Take care of your dog’s paws. Snow and ice both present hazards to your dog’s paws. They can accumulate between the toes and ball up on the fur causing cuts and cracks. So, dry your dog’s feet off after he’s been in snow or ice. You can protect your dog’s pads with either petroleum jelly (vaseline to most of us), or with products made for paws.

Keep your dog groomed in the winter. Grooming helps keep the dead hair removed so the body can insulate itself. Towel dry your dog or even blow dry him if he gets wet outdoors this time of year.

Keep your dog warm and out of drafts. Use blankets or pads on the floors in areas that may be tiled or uncarpeted. If your dog sleeps outdoors make sure he has good shelter, such as a doghouse with layers of warm, dry bedding.

Dogs are susceptible to the same winter problems as people. They can suffer from cold and get frostbitten, and snow and ice can do a number on them. Many dogs love to play in the snow but they can slip and slide in it and on ice and injure themselves, so try to supervise them when they’re outside. Watch out for antifreeze poisoning, too. People use a lot of it this time of year and the taste is very enticing to dogs.

There are fun things to do with your dog this time of year. Just because it’s cold doesn’t mean your dog has to hibernate until spring. I know a lot of people who find ways to let their dogs be part of the holiday festivities. One friend likes to get her dog’s picture made with Santa. She also takes her dogs out, wearing their reindeer ears and other Christmas things, to visit people in nursing homes and kids in school. I know someone else who belongs to a caroling group and who takes her dog with her (in costume) when they go singing through the neighborhood. Her dog is always a big hit. Other people have dogs that play a role in their Christmas plans at home, playing with guests, entertaining everyone.

Your dog can even motivate you to get out and get some exercise this time of year. A couple of years ago one woman used her dog as a way to lose weight. She even wrote a book about this weight loss method. On her diet she said she couldn’t eat anything that smelled good or made noises — if she did, it would make her dog come running to get some, too. You can put your dog to work this winter to start your own diet, if that’s one of your goals. (It’s always one of mine.) All the exercise is good for your dog, too.

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Oh the joys of Ontario weather

Approximately 3 weeks ago, we had a major snowstorm. The last 2 weeks we were in t-shirts and sandals. This morning I woke up to rain mixed with snow.

I want the warmth and sunshine back! Our dogs do too…they love to lay out on the deck in the sunshine for hours on end. We leave the patio door open so that they can come and go as they please (at least until the flies and mosquitos start) and they love every minute of it. I don’t blame them one bit after the winter we had. I would love to be able to laze around in the sunshine all day long too.


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The Fog is Lifting

The winter “blahs” fog is starting to lift as the days get longer and warmer, we get sunshine and the snow dissapears (I suffer from SADs). I actually feel “lighter” – for lack of a better explanation. It feels good! I can think clearly again, don’t feel as tired and dragged out and I actually have some energy. Now if only my family issues will cooperate everything will be perfect (my sister is seriously ill).

I am looking forward, we are making plans for the near future and if we are able to “make them happen”, things will be on a permanent upswing. Wish us luck!

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Oh, the joys of living in Ontario, Canada

The weather today is the worst I have seen in years. I am used to snow storms, snow squalls, the cold (as much as you can get used to cccccooold) and winter but today we have severe weather conditions. High winds, blowing snow, flash freeze. At times, we can’t even see the end of our driveway. Almost all the roads in the area are closed. The police are telling motorists to stay home today – not to drive anywhere unless you absolutely have to. All schools are closed. In some towns, all public transportation is off the roads.

Each and every one of our dogs went outside this morning and immediately turned around to come back inside. We had to order them to go pee and they were back inside in a flash (don’t blame them one bit…).

We are both home from work today. The good thing about this, I can get caught up on some Greyt Inspirations work.

Staying home and keeping warm!

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Snow, snow and more snow

It started last night, went through the night and most of today. Although it snowed for that long, we don’t really have that much accumulation, it is too warm and most of it has melted however there was enough to make the roads slippery. We were actually hoping that we would have a repeat of last year where it didn’t snow until the beginning of January – but no such luck.

I Hate Cold and Snow…I Hate Winter!  Only 6 more months…

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