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We have made a decision

After months of going back and forth with what to do after I retire from my full-time job this year, we have finally made a final decision.

We have plans to open up a Stained Glass Art store and we were trying to decide if it would be best to move or to renovate our current house. We looked at all our options and have decided that we will renovate our garage and make it our store and part of our work area. We will start small and when we grow, we will revisit the need to move.

Neither of us really wanted to move from our current location – we love the house, we love the neighborhood but we are not able to have a store larger than 25% of our house without applying for a commercial license which is very expensive and there is no guarantee that it would be approved – and no refund if it is not approved.

So, we will be staying here 🙂 . Not moving means less stress. And we can “grow” our customer and when we do need to move, most will follow as we will likely remain in the same general area.

A weight has been lifted with this decision!

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More Stained Glass Art

We recently added a few more stained glass art pieces to The GlassHound. The Airplane and The Rondel were both custom orders for people that my husband works with but they have proven to be very popular so we have decided to put them for sale on the website too.

My husband has worked on aircraft his entire working career as an aircraft mechanic, an instructor and a subject matter expert. Most recently as an electronics instructor despite his background being aircraft mechanic (to put it simply 🙂 ).

Both stained glass suncatchers are fabulous!

The Airplane The Rondel
Click the links above to see a larger version of the pictures.

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The GlassHound

Our new website, The GlassHound, is live!

We have all the necessities completed for our new webstore and it is ready for viewing. We will be “tweaking” it and adding to it over the next few weeks until we are completely satisfied with the look and content so keep an eye out for ongoing  “new and improved”.

The logo will be changed soon. One of our friends, who is a graphic artist, is creating a new and unique logo for us and it will be added as soon as it is ready – which should be sometime in the next few days.

I really like the way it has turned out. Take a peak at The GlassHound.

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I am getting anxious

I have been working hard on the new website and it is finally starting to look like I want it to. Hopefully it’ll be ready within the week. It’s looking real good.
We have a friend who is good at art, working on a new logo for us. Can’t wait to see what she comes up with. She was the one who created the Diva for Greyt Inspirations which we just LOVE.
The new website is for our stained glass and fused glass art. It is long overdue to have it’s own home – separate from Greyt Inspirations.

Stay tuned!

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I missed it

I realize now, after spending the past few weeks working with stained glass, how much I loved it. It has been a few years since I have done any stained glass art as I was concentrating on building up Greyt Inspirations, but now that I am back doing some, I realize how much I missed it.

I love being creative; designing and creating beautiful things is so rewarding. I still love designing and creating the dog collars and leashes and get great satisfaction from seeing my ideas come together but it is just so different when you put a stained glass piece of art together from a thought in your mind to a tangible piece.

I am finding that I like doing the bigger pieces much more than I like doing jewelry so I may end up concentrating on things like coasters, tiles and other medium to large pieces.

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I’ve decided on…

I’ve decided on two things this weekend.

One, that I will look into the possibility of creating a new website specifically for our stained glass art pieces and stained glass fused jewelry. I’m thinking that I would like to have the Greyt Inspirations website dedicated only to the original intent – pet products. Having a second website specifically dedicated to the stained glass will help both businesses thrive.

Now, on to the research to find a good web host (there are so many out there now that are terrible or have terrible customer service), one that has what I need and all for a reasonable price.

 I’m not yet sure what I am going to do with the line of embroidered clothing that Greyt Inspirations has. It is not pet-specific, but it is pet-related…

Not that I really have the time to create a new website and promote it, but I think that separating the two businesses will be a good move.

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Fused Glass

My very first fused glass piece or art. I finally got to try something in my glass kiln this weekend. Although the piece didn’t turn out exactly as planned, I like it. I’ll use it as a glass tile instead of the soap dish it was going to be. I’m still learning but having fun creating as I do so.

 Today, I am attempting some abstract earrings. They are in the kiln, cooling at this time and I can’t wait to see how they came out…

 Here’s a picture of the glass tile I made yesterday:

Glass Tile

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It’s a Beauty

My very talented husband has just recently finished another gorgeous stained glass window panel. It is very tempting to keep all his pieces of art but there is only so much room on our walls and windows…

The Parrot (Macaw) Window Panel is a true beauty! The Parrot

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