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Travel with Your Pet? Meet bergan…

As I was thinking about our car trip to Ohio next weekend, I got the idea to write a post about my dog’s awesome travel food container the “travel dine” made by blitz. I began the online search for some pics and background info. and found out that the company is now called “bergan“. They make really great products to help reduce the amount of “diaper bags” needed to take your pets on vacation with you.

“Travel Dine” now called “Sporty” with a change from red to blue, has enough space for 5 cups of food and 1 gallon of water. We love this for long weekend trips to our parent’s house. It’s self contained so it rarely makes a mess and has a plastic cover that goes over the food and a plug for the water part.

Simply fill with dog food and go. When I get to my parent’s house, I fill the water compartment and that’s it! When my husband and I leave, I cover the food and drain the water. After a couple year’s of use I’ve lost the water stopper so I simply shove a couple of paper towels in the hole to handle any water that gets trapped. It’s so easy just to throw this in and out of your trunk. No spills and no begging from your dog smelling a bag a food in the back seat!

bergan also has a couple of newer products called the Auto-Wata, great for outside dogs. You can continuously give your dog fresh water by connecting this bowl to your garden hose. Turbo Scratcher is great for all of the cat-lovers out there, a new toy that will keep your cat active and entertained!

All of the above can be found from these retailers.

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