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Ordering software online

I really like Dreamweaver (I use it at work) and decided to buy it for home too. I attempted the purchase on Tuesday but had problems, talked to Customer Service who was no help whatsoever. I abandoned the order.

I tried again yesterday and got a little further. I was waiting for the email confirming my order but went to bed before it came in. I checked this morning and found an email from them stating that they were unable to process my order,, but the email didn’t say why…??? I need to call to place the order.

I have never had so many problems buying anything online before. With such a huge company, I don’t understand why there are so many problems. I think they need to review there online ordering process to make it more user friendly and compatible. I’m not impressed…


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Ready to retire

I’m so ready to retire from my out of the home job. This past year has been extremely difficult (personally) and I am finding I do best when I work from home. For this reason, I am making every attempt to make it possible for me to do this.

I can’t believe how difficult it is to find part-time work from home work. I have alot of experience and knowledge with the internet – research, web design, web content, software testing, web programming, SEO, forums, blogging, etc…yet it is hard to find work. I don’t want full-time as I have my business to think of too, just enough part-time telecomuting work to supplement my pension income and whatever income I generate from our business.

I haven’t given up…it’s just going to be more difficult that I thought.

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